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TimeWisely, or "Chloe" is an online internet persona. She is the creator of SkyeWiki, and is the owner of various websites. She is a software engineer, and computer programmer. and currently resides in the state of Illinois, USA.
Chloe, nickname "Alexis" was born in Chicago Illinois, united states. Chloe was active for 5 years, and is known for her software developed over the years.
Online Profile Picture
Chicago, IL
Other namesAlexis
OccupationSoftware Engineer
Years active5
Known forSoftware Developer

Growing up

Chloe has had a relatively tame life in her younger years. She was born as a mute with her twin sister, also a mute, who shall not be named due to concerns regarding her privacy. Chloe and her twin sister were both separated at birth, due to a divorce between her two parents.

Chloe was unaware of this in her life, and goes on to never know about her mysterious twin sister. As time went on, her parents were still broken apart, and Chloe was raised by only her mother for about 5 years. During this time, her living situations had changed drastically. her parents moved to different houses, and the family became significantly more separated.

As time went on, Chloe begun learning about language, and how to communicate, due to being a mute her entire life, she had to learn to communicate in different means. She learned using a form of reading known as Sight-Reading and using the internet to her advantage and by testing her language on various different people. This aspect of her life was also included in her education.


Chloe begun getting interested in Software Engineering based on videos she found on the Social-networking site known as YouTube.com. She sees content like "Making a game in a short span of time" and "Game development basics." this intrigued Chloe, and she shows her intrigue by trying her hand at making a Five Night's at Freddy's spin-off game (known as a "Fangame") using Clickteam Fusion 2.5, a piece of software developed by a company known as Clickteam SARL.

At the age of 8, Chloe had begun working on her own games and software. And she has been sticking to it ever since. Nowadays, she strives more in the software, rather then the gaming. Chloe feels this is a change of pace, as she enjoys solving problems, and is not best known for creating games.

Organization and Industries

Chloe currently holds copyright of the brand "TimeWisely" her online internet persona that she goes by on most social media networks. Chloe also owns the rights to additional commercial industries, such as Software engineering branch, RendoSoft.com and film production branch NightskyStudios.net, however, as of right now, these two websites are currently in a work in progress state.

Chloe also co-hosts networks and infrastructure to other entities, such as GoWrapper.xyz, a distribution network for distributing content made for GoAnimate: Wrapper, an unofficial open-source fork of Vyond (Formally GoAnimate!) flash content and flash based software, however, this project is set to shutdown as the developers behind it have not provided any information, or any guidance of how they wish to treat the network, currently, it is resigning in limbo.

Best work as a Software Engineer

Chloe is known for her best work such as:

Currently, there are still a lot of projects in the work, and some of them are still not completed. However, rest assured, projects will get completed, and will be published for everyone to enjoy.

Personal worst works as a Software Engineer

Chloe feels strongly about all of her work, and some include the following that she chooses not to discuss about.

Where she is today

Continuing from the story above, in the year of 2018, and after moving numerous times, and having multiple different fathers. Chloe's parents decided to give it one more try, and Chloe was introduced to her true biological father, who she had never knew until that day of meeting him. And, she got to meet her sister.

Chloe is currently attending school full-time and putting software development on the side to focus on her grades. Her goal is to complete school, and attend university where she can get a degree in Software engineering so that she can pursue her dream in a professional manner.

But, Chloe still has a lot of life to experience, and this wiki page may likely see more updates as time goes on.